GE13 Results

The results percolated all night long, but the end result is the expected one : BN wins another term.

A few important points to note:

  • BN retain a simple majority with 133 seats, PR gains seven seats to reach 88
  • 80% of Malaysia’s 13 million registered voters got their fingers inked
  • BN polled 5.220 million votes to PR’s 5.489 million

What I take away from all this

  • The BN “multi-culturalism” mantra is shattered. MCA, Gerakan and MIC are now irrelevant. The policies BN pursued in recent years made it impossible for the coalition partners to perform well this time around.
  • But I wouldn’t qualify this trend based on racial terms. Urban communities are a lot more mixed than rural ones. BN’s shortcoming in most urban areas are mainly the result of their ignoring the plight of urban dwellers (security, housing cost, etc.).
  • The blue ink, vote stuffing and phantom voters are secondary to the gerrymandering that enables BN to win 60% of the seats with less than 50% of the votes.
  • PAS will not be able to make hudud a reality – either at the state or federal level. Its more moderate and liberal wing has an opportunity to re-invent the old party.