Find Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Online


Do you want to keep the cost of your car insurance as low as possible? There are many expenses that you need to consider to keep your car on the road and one of the major outgoings is insuring your vehicle. If you do your research you can certainly save yourself a lot of money and one of the easiest ways to do this is by searching online. Let’s take a look at how you can find cheap car insurance quotes online (it would help to compare auto insurance).

The first step in making sure you get the right policy for your circumstances is to ensure you have all the personal information you will need to get an accurate quote. This includes information about all drivers who use the car, driver history and of course vehicle make. A change in circumstances will affect the rate you pay, so this is one of the times you will probably want to see a comparison of prices.

The type of coverage you want also needs to be considered and this will be influenced by your own situation as well as the age of your car and value. It helps if you have a budget in mind and then you can start to key in the information to see what results are returned for you to consider. It is important when looking for cheaper car insurance that you are comparing like for like when assessing different companies.

There are many websites now where you can see different company rates side by side. If you find a price and coverage that is right for you, then it is also advisable to research a particular company in terms of other aspects such as customer service before making a final decision. This means that as well as finding cheap car insurance quotes online, you can also make sure you take out the right policy for you.

Top 3 Symptoms of Depression (20)

Depression is a common and debilitating mood disorder that affects many people around the world. This disorder affects people from different age groups, race, sex, and location (like types of life insurances). Many Americans are taking antidepressants, with the figure high with women in their 40s and 50s. It can affect your work, eat, sleep, eat, and enjoying life. When depression is left untreated, it can cause even more effects on the body and the life of the person. Depression doesn’t only affect a person, but also those around them. Some of the signs of symptoms include;

Feeling helpless and hopeless

You start having a different perspective on everything feeling like nothing will get better. There are some people who stop putting in effort in what they do because they see it will result in nothing.

Losing interest in hobbies and activities

A person with depression will start to lose interest in what he/she loved doing before. They start to lose interest in things they were passionate about before. Some of these things can be hobbies, social activities, pastimes, or even sex.

Anger and irritability

It is common for a person with depression to star feeling agitated, restless, or even violent. The tolerance level is low, the temper is short, and everyone and everything gets on your nerves.

Aftershock XG17

 Nearly a month ago, my laptop screen died. Fortunately, this allowed me to easily back up all my data. Unfortunately, as the unit was nearly 3 years old, replacing the screen wasn’t a smart financial move. I might as well buy a new one. Which I did last week. I bought the Aftershock XG17. Here is my review of my new notebook.

Aftershock is a Singaporean company that specializes in custom notebooks based of Clevo units. Most of their rigs are for gamers, which means they come with Nvidia graphic cards, but as you can customize pretty much everything else, one can easily build a Linux friendly unit. Here is the unit I opted for :

  • i7-4700MQ Processor (Haswell)
  • 8GB DDR3L 1600MHZ (1×8)
  • Display : 17.3 Inch Full HD Matte LED display (1920 x1080)
  • Samsung MSATA SSD 128GB
  • Western Digital Scorpio Black 750GB 7200 RPM
  • Intel 7260 AC Wifi + BT

What I like about this unit :

  • The Screen is gorgeous.
  • The keyboard is much better than I expected.
  • The OS starts in a snap and is very responsive.
  • The connectivity is great. No more weak wifi signal.
  • The look and feel of the unit is sturdy and well finished.

 What could be better

  • The trackpad is not big enough for the size of the screen
  • The speakers are really crap. Luckily a good pair of earphones will do the trick
  • A small “shutter” sound can be heard from under the keyboard from time to time. While I’m not worried yet (my guess is it’s the left optical drive looking for a CD), I’ll stay alert should it becomes more frequent.

All in all, I’m very happy with my new computer. It handles superbly everything I throw at it and I really enjoy having a big matte screen to work on. While I’ll need to keep an ear out for the shutter sound,  Aftershocks’ staff responsiveness and general vibe make me feel like they’ll be able to sort things out in a friendly and efficient manner if it takes a wrong turn. They’ve exceeded my expectations at every turn. Always friendly, knowledgeable and with good advices. Kudos to them.

I look forward to using this unit for the next 3 years !

Hitchens’ best

I’ve been watching many videos of debates between agnostics and religious people in recent months. The one here-under is one of my all time favourite clip.

Hitchens was not afraid to challenge common concepts and political correctness. I love his ability to demystify and dissect religion in a simple and eloquent way. A true master of dialectic.

A great agnostic.

The Allah Controversy

A Malaysian court has recently ruled that non-Muslims cannot use the word Allah to refer to God, even in their own faiths : Malaysia court rules non-Muslims cannot use ‘Allah’.

When I read news like this, I am glad we left Malaysia last year.

The word “Allah” is not synonymous with Islam, it’s an Arabic word for “God”. Coptic Christians in Egypt have been using it for more than a millennium without any issues. Allah was actually a Pagan god. When Arabic became the dominant language of the region, they started translating a lot of the Coptic into Arabic, so as not to lose their history, hymns, etc… so when they began to search for a word to use for “God” they just used the Arabic word “Allah”. For a more in-depth history of God, I invite you to read this excellent book by Karen Armstrong : A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Clearly this is not a religious or even a linguistic problem. This is a political one. This farce only serves to prove the Malaysian government is pandering to extremists who are stirring up dissent via political & legal channels.

As I wrote earlier, I am glad we left Malaysia last year.

GE13 Results

The results percolated all night long, but the end result is the expected one : BN wins another term.

A few important points to note:

  • BN retain a simple majority with 133 seats, PR gains seven seats to reach 88
  • 80% of Malaysia’s 13 million registered voters got their fingers inked
  • BN polled 5.220 million votes to PR’s 5.489 million

What I take away from all this

  • The BN “multi-culturalism” mantra is shattered. MCA, Gerakan and MIC are now irrelevant. The policies BN pursued in recent years made it impossible for the coalition partners to perform well this time around.
  • But I wouldn’t qualify this trend based on racial terms. Urban communities are a lot more mixed than rural ones. BN’s shortcoming in most urban areas are mainly the result of their ignoring the plight of urban dwellers (security, housing cost, etc.).
  • The blue ink, vote stuffing and phantom voters are secondary to the gerrymandering that enables BN to win 60% of the seats with less than 50% of the votes.
  • PAS will not be able to make hudud a reality – either at the state or federal level. Its more moderate and liberal wing has an opportunity to re-invent the old party.